Biden Moves to Transform US Military Into Woke Social Justice Warriors – Hires Toxic Leftist Who Compared Trump to Hitler as First “Chief of Diversity and Inclusion”

Joe Biden and his handlers are trying to create an army of unhinged political-minded liberals.  This is another grotesque move by Democrats which is not best for the country or the military but suits their political objectives.

Breitbart reported yesterday:

United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has hired as its first “chief of diversity and inclusion” a person who posted anti-Trump memes on his Facebook page, including one that compared the former president to Adolf Hitler.

SOCOM announced their hiring two days ago:

Mr. Torres-Estrada would never be hired if the goal was to improve the military and our future as a country.

The man is a bigot and far-left Never Trumper.  His previous actions should have disqualified him.

Breitbart shared a few of his recent tweets – this one says it all:

Here’s another Torres-Estrada tweet.

Biden sees our military as a vehicle to abuse and make money off of:

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Biden also saw the military as a vehicle to steal votes from:

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Tucker Carlson reported on this development last night.

This is another Obama-Biden cultural transformation.  Good for China and our enemies, but terrible for America.
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