Biden DHS Secretary Says ‘Loving Parents’ Send Their Kids Across Mexico Alone (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said something bizarre recently that gives you a window into the liberal mind.

Mayorkas was questioned about what the Biden administration is doing differently than the Trump administration.

He said that they are not sending children back and then suggested that ‘loving parents’ send their kids across Mexico to the U.S. border.

Really? Is that what loving parents do?

The New York Post reports:

DHS Sec. Mayorkas says ‘loving parents’ send kids alone to US-Mexico border

President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Monday said that “loving parents” are sending 9-year-old children alone to the US-Mexico border.

Mayorkas made the remark while describing how minors without parents are detained by US authorities before possible placement with foster parents.

About 2,200 children crossed the border each week in February as Republicans accused Biden of creating “pull” factors by changing former President Donald Trump’s border policies.

“The Trump administration expelled children to Mexico. And we are not expelling young children,” Mayorkas said at a White House press briefing.

“We are not apprehending a 9-year-old child who’s come alone, who has traversed Mexico, whose parents — whose loving parents — had sent that child alone, we are not expelling that 9-year-old child to Mexico when that child’s origin, country of origin, was Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador.”

Here’s the video:

What a crazy thing for Mayorkas to say.

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