Biden Border Blowout: February Record Nearly 100,000 Illegals Detained Crossing from Mexico; CDC Waives COVID Rules to Allow Filling Child Migrant Shelters to Capacity

Nearly 100,000 migrants were caught and detained after illegally entering the U.S. from Mexico, Reuters reported Friday based on sources, marking the highest number caught in the month of February since 2006. Also Friday, CNN and Axios reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a memo waiving COVID rules limiting capacity at child migrant shelters to deal with the massive flood of children entering the U.S. illegally. The Washington Examiner reported the Biden administration is considering renaming the child migrant shelters “reception centers”.

Joe Biden campaigned on reversing President Trump’s strict immigration policies and the migrants are responding in kind. Biden also campaigned on saving the country from COVID, but it appears flooding the country with migrants is more important to Biden than protecting Americans from COVID.

File image of migrant caravan.

Axios excerpt:

CDC lets child migrant shelters fill to 100% despite COVID concern

The Centers for Disease Control is allowing shelters handling child migrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border to expand to full capacity, abandoning a requirement that they stay near 50% to inhibit the spread of the coronavirus, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: The fact that the country’s premier health advisory agency is permitting a change in COVID-19 protocols indicates the scale of the immigration crisis. A draft memo obtained by Axios conceded “facilities should plan for and expect to have COVID-19 cases.”

CNN excerpt:

The Biden administration has notified facilities caring for migrant children that they can open back up to pre-Covid-19 levels, acknowledging “extraordinary circumstances” due to a rising number of minors crossing the US-Mexico border, according to a memo obtained by CNN.

The increase in arrivals of unaccompanied children put additional strain on the immigration system, which was operating under limited capacity as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

…There are approximately 7,700 unaccompanied children in HHS care. The department has around 13,650 beds to accommodate children when not under reduced capacity.

Earlier this week Axios reported Biden was to briefed that 20,000 beds were needed to accommodate the flood of migrant children at the border and that Homeland Security was warning an estimated 117,000 migrant children would enter the U.S. this year.

The Biden administration is looking at also housing migrant children at a military base in Virginia, Reuters reported Friday (excerpt):

“The U.S. government is evaluating whether to house unaccompanied migrant children at a military base in Virginia amid a sharp rise in migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) notice seen by Reuters. A Pentagon spokesman confirmed that Fort Lee, a U.S. Army facility about 30 miles (48 km) south of Richmond, was under consideration…”

President Trump called out Biden for his failures at the border on Friday. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki returned fire at Trump at Friday’s press briefing. Psaki also would not say if Biden has a limit as to the number of child migrants he is willing to allow in the country.

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