Attack on Women’s Sports Continues As NFL Team Ditches Cheerleaders for Gender Inclusive Dancers

The attack on female sports teams is continuing with the Washington Football Team, formerly known as the Redskins, replacing cheerleaders with a gender inclusive dance team.

The team will also be called the “Washington Football Team” through 2021.

Former Laker Girl manager Petra Pope told the Associated Press, “I’ve been asked to create a more modern entertainment team that is inclusive and diverse. We just want to follow that mode of being more modern and a more modern franchise. Change is difficult, but I do feel that the fans will love what we bring to the table.”

“My focus is really just reinventing this team,” she added. “My goal is to create this team, reinvent this team and make it more modern.”

Women and girl’s sports have been under attack recently, with the Equality Act being the most blatant move to destroy female only spaces.

Under the act, biological men and boys will be able to compete with biological girls as long as they identify as female. Of course, there are different strengths and weaknesses between the two sexes, and many are concerned that this move will be the end of females being able to excel in sports.


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