81 Million Vote Getter Joe Biden Greeted by Two Dozen Supporters in Columbus for Ohio State Speech (Video)

81 million vote getter Joe Biden was received by a small crowd of about two dozen enthusiastic supporters, mostly college students, who gathered to greet him as he arrived for a speech at The Ohio State University in the liberal enclave of Columbus, Ohio. The weather was not a factor as it is a bright sunny day with temperatures in the high 60s.

Supporters gather to greet Joe Biden for Ohio State University speech, Columbus, March 23, 2021, photo by Kristinn Taylor
Joe Biden arrives for speech at the James Cancer Hospital, Ohio State University, Columbus, March 23, 2021, photo by Kristinn Taylor

Video shows about two dozen supporters gathered on one corner of the intersection when Biden arrived. No supporters were on the other three corners. There were no Biden signs seen, while a handful of supporters wore Biden shirts. The students were enthusiastic and well mannered. There were no protesters and just a couple reporters on scene.

Biden is set to give a speech at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute on the Ohio State campus this afternoon to mark the anniversary of Obamacare.

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