Wikipedia Co-Founder Launching Competitor Due To Wikipedia’s Left-Wing Bias

Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger announced he is starting an alternative to Wikipedia due to the fact they have been taken over by the left.

Just The News reported:

A co-founder of Wikipedia is launching a competing website as a free-speech-friendly alternative to what he views as the increasingly monolithic left-wing bias of his former organization.

Here is more on what he is starting:

Sanger told Just the News that his new, forthcoming project, called “Encyclosphere,” is a decentralized network of the world’s encyclopedias, what he called “an old-fashioned, leaderless, ownerless network, like the blogosphere.”

Sanger said just as there are no administrators in the blogosphere, “in the same way, I want to create a protocol that very loosely ties all the encyclopedias online together.”

He made the initial announcement in a tweet back in December:

The Gateway Pundit has done numerous reports on Wikipedia’s history of left-wing bias.

Here are just a few of those reports:

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Wikipedia Page For Kamala Harris Getting Scrubbed To Remove Potentially Damaging Information

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In the interview, Sanger cited a Fox News report which exposed the whitewashing of atrocities under Socialism and Communism.

The two main Wikipedia pages for socialism and communism made no reference to the tens of millions who were killed under both Communist and Socialist regimes.

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