VILE: German Carnival Parade Features Dead Trump Float

A carnival in Duesseldorf, Germany, featured a float of former President Donald Trump hog-tied over a fire.

The fire had the words “Make America Great Again” painted across it.

A photo of the vile exhibit was sent to Gavin Wax, president of the New York Young Republicans Club.

“This was being paraded around 3 days ago through Duesseldorf, Germany as part of the official carnival festivites. Vile and nauseating. Sent to me from a friend there,” Wax tweeted. “Why do we bother defending these EuroTrash countries and picking up the NATO bill?”

The Rose Monday parade also took jabs at Russian President Vladimir Putin and the fight against coronavirus.

Normally, the streets would be packed for the festivities, but was largely empty this year due to the pandemic.

“One of Germany’s first superspreader events stemmed from a Carnival celebration in a town west of Cologne in February 2020, where many people came into contact with an infected man. This year authorities are taking no chances, with public consumption of alcohol banned in some places,” the Star Advertiser reports.


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