‘Something Is Rotten in New Jersey’: Springsteen Camp Attacks Police for Boss’ DWI Arrest, Little Steven Van Zandt Winks at Call for Mob Contract on Cop

People close to rock star and Democratic Party shill Bruce Springsteen are bashing the U.S. Park Police for the Boss’ DWI arrest on November 14, 2020 after the Boss was spotted drinking tequila with a group of fans while on his parked motorcycle at Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Springsteen was charged with DWI, reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area. News of Springsteen’s arrest was kept secret by Bruce and his manager Jon Landau as Springsteen performed at the Biden Inaugural at the Lincoln Memorial on January 20 and then filmed a Super Bowl commercial for Jeep that aired on February 7. Jeep pulled the ad after TMZ broke the news of Springsteen’s arrest on Wednesday.

Steven and Maureen Van Zandt portrayed Silvio and Gabriella Dante in HBO’s New Jersey mob drama The Sopranos, publicity still.

The probable cause statement for the charges against Springsteen state he admitted to drinking two shots of tequila in twenty minutes, refused to take a breath test, had glassy eyes, smelled of alcohol, swayed back and forth and failed field sobriety tests.

Springsteen’s camp has sought to downplay his arrest in leaks to the media, claiming Bruce had a BAC of only .02 when the presumed level for intoxication in New Jersey is .08. (Police have not released Springsteen’s BAC.) Now they are also going after the Park Police. A Springsteen insider blamed the officer for the arrest in comments to the New York Post on Thursday:

“The incident escalated because once the officer approached Bruce on his motorcycle he refused to take a breathalyzer test,” a source close to Springsteen said. “The cop got pissed off, took Bruce in, and made him do bloodwork.”

Maureen Van Zandt, wife of E Street Band guitarist Little Steven Van Zandt, commenting on a report about Springsteen’s arrest in a post on Twitter said, “Something is rotten in the state of New Jersey…”

Steven Van Zandt went further, winking at a call for a mob contract on the arresting officer. Van Zandt retweeted with comment a Twitter poster who referenced his Sopranos mob character Silvio Dante and said, “Stevie, You (sic) is this NJ cop who arrested the Boss for blowing a 0.02? I think Silvio needs to put out a contract on him.

Van Zandt coolly said in response to the call for a mob hit on the federal officer, “I hear that. Totally unbelievable.”

The U.S. Park Police officer’s name is on the probable cause statement and has been reported by the media.

Springsteen has not commented on his arrest, nor has his manager Landau or attorney Mitchell Ansell.

Bruce Springsteen films Jeep’s Super Bowl LV commercial, Jeep promo photo by Rob DeMartin
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