While Selflessly Donating His $400,000 Annual Salary Over Four Years to Various Charities – President Trump Lost $2 Billion in Wealth Saving the Country

President Trump went through four years of hell to save the country from the insane policies of the Obama Administration. He lost a billion dollars doing it.

President Trump offered up his annual salary and gave it to charities.  In spite of this, how many Trump supporters were told that President Trump was only pushing policies to help his businesses.

Never was the media transparent about all President Trump gave up to save the country.  In addition, President Trump was spied on by members and holdovers of the Obama Administration.  He was lied to.  He and his team were set up and arrested on bogus charges.  They were slandered by the corrupt and evil Big Media every minute of every day and censored by Big Tech.

But President Trump kept moving forward and doing all he could for the country.  It would have been amazing if the other politicians in Washington DC and around the country worked with him, but instead they joined forces to block him and prevent him from making Americans’ lives better.  Despite all this, President Trump did more for America than arguably any President in US history.

So it comes as a shock that the President put up with so much, including a successful record setting 2020 election result that was then stolen by the Biden gang, that the President lost nearly half his wealth saving this country.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Former President Donald Trump lost close to half of his wealth during his time serving as president.

Trump left office with a net worth of about $2.5 billion, down from $4.5 billion when he announced his candidacy for president in 2015.

Trump was no. 121 on Forbes’s list of wealthiest Americans when he entered office. He saw his net worth fall from $3.1 billion in 2019 to the current $2.5 billion amid an economic recession brought on by government lockdowns that severely hit industries where Trump held many assets.

There isn’t a politician in America who gave up so much to save this country.  The media and those attempting to rule this nation are evil.  This is why they hated President Trump so much and did all they could to remove him from power.

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Joe Hoft is a Radio Host at TNTRadio.live, Author, Former International Corporate Executive in Hong Kong for a Decade, and a Contributor at TGP since 2016. Joe is the author of five books, including his new bestseller, "The Steal: Volume II - The Impossible Occurs" which addresses the stolen 2020 Election and provides an inventory of issues that prove that the 2020 Election was uncertifiable and never should have been certified for Joe Biden.

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