Rep. Liz Cheney Refuses to Resign After WY Republican Party Votes to Censure Her

Rep. Liz Cheney is refusing to step down after being censured by the Wyoming Republican Party on Saturday.

The party overwhelmingly voted in favor of the censure — only eight of the 74 members of the Wyoming central committee opposed the move.

The resolution recognized that Rep. Cheney was not representing Wyoming voters when she voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

Cheney’s pro-Trump primary challenger, State Senator Anthony Bouchard, was also in attendance during the vote to censure.

Along with noting that Wyoming overwhelmingly voted to reelect President Trump, the resolution also states that “an extremely vocal majority of Wyoming Republicans recognize there was significant irregularities in the election process in several states across the country.”

It goes on to say that “Representative Cheney ignored and violated the spirit of House Republican Caucus rules by disclosing her intent to join the Democrat Party’s proposed move to vote for impeachment to the media prior to having any evidence presented to the body” and “no evidence exists that President Trump has ever called for a violent response to political opposition. Where in comparison, Representative Cheney’s new political allies on the left have continually called for violent uprisings and destruction of both personal and public property, to include raising bail money for the insurrectionists.”

“Representative Cheney has violated the trust of her voters, failed to faithfully represent a very large majority of motivated Wyoming voters, and neglected her duty to represent the party and the will of the people who elected her to represent them. The consequence of Representative Cheney’s actions has resulted in numerous Republicans in Wyoming, and across the United States, indicating that they will either no longer actively participate in the Republican Party, are stepping down from Precinct Representative positions within the party, or have already changed their voter registration and left the party entirely, (because of) or as long as Representative Cheney holds office,” the resolution continues.

Read the resolution in full:

However, the anti-Trump neoconservative is refusing to step down despite the disdain for her actions from the people she was elected to represent.

“I’m not” going to step down, Cheney told Fox News’ Chris Wallace. “I think people all across Wyoming understand and recognize that our most important duty is to the Constitution. And as I’ve explained — and will continue to explain — to supporters all across the state and voters all across the state, the oath that I took to the Constitution compelled me to vote for impeachment.”


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