ONE VOTE MATTERS – How Weighted Race Distribution and One California Vote Brings Entire 2020 Election into Question

When covering all the election fraud in the 2020 election, one California vote may be the vote that provides unquestionable proof that the election was rigged.

In November 2020 after the election, we began reviewing the results of the 2020 election and looking for election or voter fraud.  Hour after hour, day after day of reporting on unquestionable fraud, we uncovered significant finds.  We noted that in the middle of the night on Election Night in certain states, a dump of ballots occurred, overwhelmingly for Biden, and then after that point, the results went in a consistent pattern with all votes after the original spike for Biden being awarded the same percentage between President Trump and Biden.

We called this the ‘Drop and Roll’:

Another group continued this exercise across the country and found numerous instances of the same thing occurring in numerous states.

This was captured in prior elections as well and was related to software from a company named Diebold.  Diebold was purchased by Dominion voting systems and apparently, this functionality is still used today:

The practice of allocating votes through a computer algorithm is known as weighted race distributions.  This is basically awarding votes to the candidate of choice.  It is done by multiplying votes by percentages and allocating votes to candidates based on these results.  Each vote should equal one vote.  But in the weighted race distribution method, votes are the equivalent of percentages and are allocated and counted based on these preset distribution percents.  Using the WEIGHTED RACE DISTRIBUTION method in US Presidential elections is illegal.

The fact that voting machines in the US have this ability is shocking and concerning. 

How do we know weighted race distributions occurred in the 2020 election?  One vote provides undisputed evidence that this method of vote counting was in place in the 2020 election and in all places, the vote was cast in California.  As noted above, rather than count the vote as one vote for either President Trump or Biden, the vote was allocated 66% to Biden and 32% to Trump with the remaining percent allocated to a third-party candidate.

This proves the vote was allocated based on a preset determination.

See the explanation at the 3:30 mark below:

Unmasked – Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election_ from Tyrone Steele on Vimeo.

Yes, there was election fraud in the 2020 election and yes it all benefitted Joe Biden.  This election was allocated and stolen.

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