Officer Sicknick’s Mom Refuses To Allow Leftist Media To “George Floyd” Her Son: He was not beaten with a fire extinguisher…“We think he had a stroke”

After George Floyd’s death, the media and leftist activist groups demanded bodycam footage of the officers involved.

They got it.  The full 18-minute video that leaked laid out a much more complex scenario than had been portrayed, but that didn’t change the simplistic media messaging.  George Floyd was incorrectly turned into a martyr and folk hero, despite being a violent criminal offender who was resisting arrest and had previously held a pregnant woman at gunpoint.  He was also a heavy drug user who was high on multiple different drugs.

100 Percent Fed Up – Two days after MN Police Officer Derek Chauvin was charged with 3rd-degree murder, and former MN Police Officers Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng, and Tou Thao were charged with aiding and abetting the murder of Floyd, NMS Labs forwarded Floyd’s toxicology report to the Hennepin County Medical Examiners’ Office.

The prosecution waited 3 months to release the bombshell toxicology report from Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker, which concluded that if Floyd had been found dead in his home (or anywhere else) and there were no other contributing factors, that his death would have been ruled an overdose.

This evidence, of course, does not completely exonerate the police officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd–that is for a jury to decide, not the media or activists.

But, the media and activists demanded the videos.

And, they got them.  They also got videos of subsequent incidents involving minorities in several highly publicized cases.  In each case, video evidence showed that there was much more to the story than ‘evil white racist cop kills defenseless innocent minority.’

But, each time, they demanded–and got–the video and turned the event into an excuse to tear down American society with false accusations of systemic racism and white supremacy.  This includes George Floyd’s nationally televised show-funeral that was used as a way to continue shaming America as a fundamentally racist place, despite the data which shows otherwise.

Now, ever since the unrest at the capitol on January 6th, 2020, the media has claimed–without any evidence whatsoever–that police officer Brian Sicknick was killed at the hands of evil Trump supporters.  They insisted that he was beaten with a fire extinguisher and that reports of blunt force trauma were imminent.  We reported that there was no evidence of this back in January.

Despite this, the media and unscrupulous politicians on both sides of the aisle used the death of officer Sicknick to justify myriad false claims against Donald Trump and his supporters that persist to this day and informed peoples’ opinions regarding the Senate impeachment trial.

Mitt Romney at Officer Sicknick’s ‘Lie in Honor” Ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda.

In fact, a bizarre wake was set up in the Capitol Rotunda, a ceremony normally reserved for VIP political leaders.  Sicknick’s remains turned up in an urn rather than a casket, which means we can no longer see them or investigate claims of trauma.  Was this authorized by the family even though they still have no confirmation of his cause of death?  We do not know, but it seems like an odd decision.

In any case, as with the George Floyd show-funeral, politicians hoped to use the moment as a visual aid to brainwash the public.

Minneapolis Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey weeps at the gold casket of George Floyd.
Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden delivered comments from his basement to attendees of Floyd’s funeral. (AP Photo)

All Trump supporters, they want you to believe, are depraved and vile for having killed this police officer.

Yet, it is now February 23rd–well over a month later, and no evidence of any of this has come to light.  In fact, no one is asking any questions.  No bodycam video has been requested.

The capitol building is perhaps the most surveilled in America.  If there were signs of an attack on Sicknick, capitol police, and federal agencies would have them.  Yet, no one is asking for them, and no one is offering them.  And, after a month of reviewing footage, they still can’t seem to find any sign of the blunt force trauma induced by the violent fire extinguisher attack?

CNN quietly wrote this headline on February 2nd:

“Lack of evidence?”  We were told this was an open and shut case against the Trump mob murdering a police officer during a wild insurrection.

Perhaps politicians and investigators are struggling because there is no case, and it was all just elaborate political theater.

But CNN tries to imagine that a real investigation is still ongoing and that soon we will catch the evil Trump supporters who committed this crime:

“Authorities have reviewed video and photographs that show Sicknick engaging with rioters amid the siege but have yet to identify a moment in which he suffered his fatal injuries, law enforcement officials familiar with the matter said.”

Even the family of the dead officer is refuting the false claims.  And they are being stonewalled by law enforcement, media, and politicians who refuse to release autopsy data.

Sicknick’s own mother, Gladys, recently stated unequivocally, “He wasn’t hit on the head no. We think he had a stroke, but we don’t know anything for sure. We’d love to know what happened.”

To that end, acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen has said that the DOJ will “spare no resources” in this investigation. Yet well over a month after his death, “precisely zero information has been disclosed by the DOJ, the FBI, the US Capitol Police, the DC medical examiner, the hospital that cared for him, or the treating physicians.  In fact, no autopsy has been released.”   PBS notes that autopsies take just 2-4 hours to perform, and preliminary results are typically available within a day or two.

So, what is going on here?

Why are politicians, law enforcement, and media hiding the report and details surrounding this event while continuing to push the narrative of murderous Trump-supporting cop-killers?

It wasn’t until after the sham impeachment trial had concluded that news media finally began coming clean about the lack of any evidence whatsoever to support the claims.

President Donald Trump holds up a newspaper with the headline that reads “ACQUITTED” at the 68th annual National Prayer Breakfast, at the Washington Hilton, Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

It was then that even the New York Times, which once said Sicknick’s death was due to a pro-Trump rampage, had to finally retract its offensively inaccurate story on the matter.  In all actuality, there has never been any evidence that Trump supporters killed Mr. Sicknick, yet the myth against Trump supporters persists.

Now, instead of retracting their stories and admitting that they lied, news organizations are finessing the language.  Instead of saying Sicknick was killed by a MAGA mob, media and law enforcement now say he died “from injuries he sustained while protecting the U.S. Capitol,” even though we have explained that this is also a questionable claim.

As Revolver News notes, “They’ve silently removed the “by,” and added a “while.” Then reframed the entire clause in the passive tense, so 90% of readers conflate what happened and move on. But “Injured while physically engaging” is like “dying with Covid.” Even if you died in a motorcycle crash, they would count it. It’s a trick.  But using this framing device, the memetic energy of Narrative 1.0 (the Brazen Lie) is preserved, without readers hard forking to a more accurate narrative that describes what investigators really believe happened that day.”

Revolver News did an amazing and extensive report on this two weeks ago, which details the countless inconsistencies, narratives, and lies that have plagued the reporting on this matter since January 6th:

“Law enforcement officials now tell CNN that there was no fire extinguisher blow, no bloody gash, and no blunt force trauma to Sicknick’s body when he died.

Not only that, but it is increasingly unclear when, where, and if Sicknick was even rushed to the hospital

As it turns out, multiple hours after the protest had already concluded, Sicknick texted his own brother Ken that very night he was basically fine, other than being “pepper-sprayed twice,” confirming he was safe and “in good shape.”

So, texts show he wasn’t even dead or severely injured.  Yet, despite any evidence or truth whatsoever, the media and politicians were telling America that evil Trump insurrectionists had murdered a police officer.  This kind of agitation propaganda is a common tactic of provocateurs aiming to enrage and divide people into unrest.  But the lies continued:

“Then, an odd thing happened. The next afternoon, the Sicknick family began getting phone calls that Officer Brian Sicknick had been declared dead. The phone calls didn’t come from the hospital. They didn’t come from the treating physicians. They didn’t come from the US Capitol Police, or the FBI, or the DOJ.

They came from media reporters. 

Certain privileged media personnel were evidently the first to receive sensitive information circulating among “law enforcement officials” that Brian Sicknick was dead.  

But then the story got stranger…it turned out Sicknick was not dead yet.

So, for some reason, reporters were informed of the death of officer Sicknick before his own family, and then it turned out he wasn’t even dead at the time.

“One hour later, as Sicknick’s family rushed to the hospital to see what they believed was their beloved Brian still fighting for his life, the US Capitol Police issued a further statement: now Sicknick was dead.

But even that statement contained a curious detail: Ken Sicknick had been told his brother collapsed inside the Capitol building, then was rushed to the hospital. Wikipedia’s entry on Sicknick still has this as the official story

But the US Capitol Police’s statement that night told a different story: he had returned to his office at the police division first.

Sometime between Sicknick being fine, healthy, and back in his office on Wednesday night and dead or effectively dead on early Thursday evening, Sicknick apparently suffered a stroke. The sequence of when and how that happened should be the easiest part of this story to put to bed. And yet we are being told to take this on faith — or as the media likes to say: “without evidence.”

As we near March, the death of officer Sicknick is still shrouded in mystery, and, like George Floyd before him, he has become an almost mythical political martyr without ever knowing it.

Communist Joseph Stalin murdered tens of millions of people and is often quoted as saying that one death is a tragedy while one million deaths are just a statistic.

Do not let the globalist media and politicians trick you into ignoring the greater atrocities being currently committed against The West as they artificially focus attention on a single ambiguous and tragic event.


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