Mitt Romney Niece, RNC Chair and Traitor, Ronna McDaniel Regrets Allowing Giuliani Make Claims About Voter Fraud

100 Percent Fed Up – On the eve of the 2016 election, MI GOP Chair Ronna Romney-McDaniel had an important phone call to make before making her way to Trump’s final campaign rally of the season in Grand Rapids, MI. It wasn’t a call to a member of the Trump campaign or even a major donor, it was a call to MI grassroots leader, Marian Sheridan, of the MI Trump Republicans. McDaniel’s call was urgent—she needed Marian Sheridan to find as many volunteers as possible to watch votes being processed at the TCF Center on election day. The truth is, the leader of the MI GOP had dropped the ball and didn’t have a single Republican poll challenger scheduled to work on election day, in Wayne County, a Democrat stronghold, and largest ballot-counting facility in Michigan. Marian Sheridan, who worked harder than any other Republican in Michigan to help secure votes for Donald Trump was also on her way to Trump’s final rally, but she had to cancel her plans, so she could stay back and do the work McDaniel should have done months ago.

Marian Sheridan –  MI Trump Republicans, and MI Conservative Coalition

Trump ultimately won the state of Michigan, and although the women and men at the Michigan Conservative Coalition did more than anyone else in the state of Michigan to secure his win, Ronna Romney-McDaniel was rewarded with a role as the RNC Chair.

Fast forward four years later to November 6, McDaniels stood in front of the media and bravely proclaimed to the media that the Republican Party would fight to make sure that the elections were free and fair, telling them, “Every candidate in every office from President down to the local level has the legal right to challenge irregularities that occur in the process of canvassing ballots.” She added, “We intend to ensure that every lawful voter has their vote counted in accordance with the law, that observers are granted the access they are due under state law, and that any irregularities that occurred whether by malicious intent or incompetence, are fully investigated to the fullest extent allowed under the law.”

Romney-McDaniels told them, “We will not give up on this process until every last issue has been resolved.”

She cited a number of shocking incidents reported to them by poll watchers, including threatening and intimidating behavior by election workers.


Now that Joe Biden has been inaugurated, the RNC Chair who was given a second term by President Trump is suddenly expressing regret for her decision to stand up for the millions of Americans who believe massive voter fraud took place in the November 2020 election.

The Hill reports – in a new interview that she regrets letting former President Trump’s lawyers, namely Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, spread unproven claims about the 2020 election from the organization’s headquarters.

Speaking with The New York Times, McDaniel indicated she thought it had been a mistake to allow Giuliani and Powell to make the claims about election rigging days after the vote at the RNC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

“When I saw some of the things Sidney was saying, without proof, I certainly was concerned it was happening in my building,” McDaniel told the newspaper. “There are a whole host of issues we had to deal with — what is the liability of the RNC if these allegations are made and unfounded?”


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