MAGA Rapper Releases Two New Albums: God Wins and 1776

Bryson Gray, an up and coming rapper who has made a name for himself with his collection of chart-topping hits that focus on the America First agenda and our constitutional rights like the right to bear arms and free speech, has just dropped two new albums focusing on the founding of our nation and the power of God.

Gray has been a fixture at dozens of rallies leading up to the 2020 election and subsequently dozens more widespread protests against voter fraud, intertwining messages of faith, liberty and rebellion against the corrupt political establishment ruining our nation. Speaking exclusively to TGP, Gray told us the following.

“I released two albums because I wanted to do something fresh that hasn’t been done in awhile. The goal is to have 2 albums charting simultaneously.”
Another chart-topping album or single should be a breeze for Gray, getting the daily double would be historic, especially for a rapper focused on promoting the America First agenda, and more importantly, the powerful message of Jesus Christ and the ultimate triumph over the Demonic Democrats and the devil.
“We are trying to bring about a culture shift so I have to work twice as hard as the devil. We need to bring our culture back to God, the values this country was founded on. I’m a patriot and a Christian, and I stand true to my values. My attitudes is, if they won’t open the door for me, than I’ll just knock the door off the hinges.”
Amidst a nation obsessed with cancel culture and removing conservatives from society, supporting those in the television, film and music industry like Gray has become a simple, but ever important act of resistance against the globalist cabal.
Gray’s 1776 and God Wins album are now available to stream or purchase on Amazon.


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