High School Football Coach Terminated For Questioning BLM Curriculum

The Dedham Public School District terminated a high school football coach for privately disagreeing with the left-wing social justice curriculum being forced on his kids. He is now suing the school district.

David Flynn was the well-liked head football coach at Dedham High School. He has two children enrolled at different schools in the district, his daughter at Dedham Middle and his son at Dedham Public School elementary. He himself is an alumnus of the school system.

Flynn’s lawsuit is against the district’s superintendent, Michael Welch, the high school principal, Jim Fonest, and the high school’s athletic director, Stephen Traister. Judicial Watch is assisting the former coach, the same legal network that investigated Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

A copy of the lawsuit alleges that Flynn’s daughter’s world history class was missing something important to the course – world history itself. Instead of studying ancient civilizations, the instruction was based “on issues of race, gender, stereotypes, discrimination, and politics, among other left-wing social issues.

One assignment told 12-year-olds to identify “risk factors” and “mitigating factors” when walking down the street with someone of a different skin color. White students were taught to fear black people with “aggressive body language” or in the “wrong neighborhood.” Black students were taught to fear white people in general. Emphasis was placed on fearing the police.

Flynn and his wife also noted a cartoon of a seventh-grade teacher wearing a BLM shirt.

When the couple contacted the principal to address the political propaganda being distributed in class, Principal Fonest responded but did not, according to the lawsuit, “adequately” address their concerns.

Following the email, the superintendent and school chairs met with the Flynns. The superintendent insinuated that politics would not be removed from the curriculum. Angry, Flynn warned other parents through email.

The Flynns decided to take their children out of the public school system, hoping that this would settle the issue.

On January 20, Flynn met with Welch, Fonest, and Traister. This turned out to be a termination meeting in which they discussed Flynn’s email warning to other parents.

The superintendent, in a letter, claimed that it was Flynn’s “significant philosophical differences” that rendered him terminated.

“We are writing today and are sorry to inform you that Dave Flynn will not be reappointed as the Head Coach of Dedham High School football,” the letter read. “We met with Mr. Flynn today because he has expressed significant philosophical differences with the direction, goals, and values of the school district. Due to these differences, we felt it best to seek different leadership for the program at the time.”

There is an online petition currently circulating to reinstate Coach Flynn.


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