WATCH: CPAC Staffer Rescues Liberal Reporter From Project Veritas, Says ‘We’re Not All Bad’

A liberal journalist who has been posting tweets mocking attendees says he was rescued by a CPAC staffer while he was being confronted by Project Veritas on Saturday.

CPAC has long faced criticism from the right about their pandering to liberal journalists who come in and attack the people who are attending online.

Bloomberg’s Wiliam Turton has been tweeting from the event since it began, mostly calling people out who aren’t wearing masks and attempting to embarrass attendees. He has also published fake news about Project Veritas in the past and had to issue two corrections.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe confronted Turton on Saturday and called him a “schmuck.”

“You have like a head on a swivel stick,” O’Keefe said. “You’re like a robot.”

Turton kept asking O’Keefe who Project Veritas’ donors are and “how many coronavirus outbreaks have you had in your office?”

CPAC stepped in to save him from the criticism, however.

“Approached again by Project Veritas. They were told to walk away by a CPAC staffer. ‘Please remember that CPAC made them go away from you. We’re not all bad,’ a CPAC staffer told me,” Turton tweeted.

His claim is not heard in the video, but someone does approach them and ask them to quiet down because an interview was taking place behind them.

Project Veritas was not kicked out or removed from the event.

O’Keefe also confronted Turton on Thursday.

CPAC founder Matt Schlapp also declared his love to Jim Acosta in an interview on Friday — despite the network attempting to make the conference look stupid.


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