It’s Black History Month… Yet Amazon Removes Justice Thomas Documentary From ‘Prime’ Video Store

Amazon Prime Video recently dropped “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words” [2020], a popular PBS documentary on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. It was effectively canceled during Black History Month. Thomas is the only Black American in the Supreme Court.

Amazon currently showcased an Amplify Black Voices page on its website. It claims to feature a “curated collection of titles to honor Black History Month across four weekly themes (Black Love, Black Joy, Black History Makers, and Black Girl Magic).”

Justice Thomas, one of the most conservative justices, seemingly does not fit Amazon’s criteria for inclusion. His “Created Equal” documentary is unavailable for streaming but available as a DVD. The film currently has a 99% movie rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Justice Thomas was born in 1948 in deep poverty in Georgia. He lived under the now-disgraced Jim Crow system. His parents had no formal education, and he was eventually made to live with his grandparents.

Thomas’s grandfather made a living through the energy business: oil, coal, firewood, and ice in Savannah. Through Thomas’ grandfather, the future justice learned hard work and perseverance.

After a short stint embracing the Black Panther movement and the radical left, Thomas came to reject their views. He concluded that individual rights, not group rights, are the core value in the Declaration of Independence. “All Men are Created Equal.”

Through his 30 years as a justice, Thomas has fought against the Constitution’s dismantling and groupthink.

Breitbart’s Paoletta reported, “Thomas pointed out the absurdity of the left’s progressivism by noting that everyone would agree that if a black man were barred from entering a library because of the color of his skin, that would universally and rightly be regarded as racist, but the left is fine with telling that same black man he can enter that library, but he can never be allowed to agree with the content of certain books because of the color of his skin.”

It is unknown if Amazon will return “Created Equal” to its streaming library.


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