Biden and the Democrats Still Running Scared After Stealing Election – Will Never Hold an Open Event with the American People

After stealing the 2020 election for President, Joe Biden and this gang are scared to death of the American people.

A week ago we reported that the Biden gang will never hold an open event with the American people.  This is because they stole the 2020 election and they know that we know:

It’s Clear – Since the 2020 Election – Joe Biden and His Gang Are Scared to Death of Facing the American People

As we mentioned last week, it’s evident for anyone who still trusts their own eyes that Joe Biden didn’t win the 2020 election for President, he stole it. Biden can hardly walk and talk.  He lived in his basement most of the last year.  He campaigned in Deleware.  He had no following and still doesn’t.  His Vice President is even less admired.  Yesterday she went back to California and only two people showed up to greet her home:

Massive Crowd of Two Supporters Welcomes 81 Million Vote Recipient Kamala Harris Back to Her California Home (Video)

On the other hand, President Trump was the most popular President ever after his first four years in office.  This showed in car rallies, truck rallies, boat rallies, and signage across the country.

(Above, one of many of Trump Boat Rallies across the nation before the election).

No, Joe Biden IS NOT the most popular President ever.

Nope, it didn’t happen. We have literally truckloads of evidence showing the election was stolen. There is no way Biden won a legitimate election minus any fraud.

Probably the most obvious evidence Joe Biden stole the 2020 election is because he and his gang are absolutely frightened of facing the American people.

Biden and gang have built walls all around Washington D.C. He held his inauguration inside the iron fences and still, nobody showed up.

The Biden gang claims Joe Biden won more votes than any President in history by millions of votes. They claim Biden won more than 80 million votes, but where are the voters?

Biden claims he won Pennsylvania but he will never-ever hold an event in Butler, Pennsylvania, free to the public like President Trump did in front of a crowd of tens of thousands:

Biden won’t do this because he can’t physically or cognitively. Biden literally can’t talk without a teleprompter. He can hardly do that and Americans knew it before the election. Americans didn’t and don’t believe Joe Biden is the most popular President ever because he’s not.

But more importantly, Biden won’t be holding any events free to the public because he is absolutely afraid Americans will show up and tell him what they think of him. If Biden were to hold an open event in New York, California, or Butler, Pennsylvania, the results would be the same.

But most importantly, Biden’s team doesn’t want Americans to know what Americans think of Joe Biden.

Everyone knows Joe Biden stole the 2020 election, especially Joe Biden and his gang know it. That’s why they hide Biden behind the national guard and fences.

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