Biden Administration Considering Whether to Impose Domestic Travel Restrictions, Including on Florida – Gov. DeSantis Responds

The Biden Administration is retaliating against the state of Florida after Governor DeSantis has encouraged Floridians to get back to work so they can live their normal lives.

Governor DeSantis recently declared that everyone should get back to work and make “common sense” decisions regarding their health amid the Covid pandemic.

Hair salons, restaurants and schools are open in Florida so the Biden Administration is considering whether to impose domestic travel restrictions on the Sunshine State like it’s 1935 Berlin.

Covid cases are actually declining in Florida so Biden and his stenographers in the media are afraid that DeSantis is exposing the lie that lockdowns slow the spread of the China virus.

News Observer reported:

The Biden administration is considering whether to impose domestic travel restrictions, including on Florida, fearful that coronavirus mutations are threatening to reverse hard-fought progress on the pandemic.

Outbreaks of the new variants — including a highly contagious one first identified in the United Kingdom, as well as others from South Africa and Brazil that scientists worry can evade existing vaccines — have lent urgency to a review of potential travel restrictions within the United States, one federal official said.

“There are active conversations about what could help mitigate spread here, but we have to follow the data and what’s going to work. We did this with South Africa, we did this with Brazil, because we got clear guidance,” one White House official said.

“But we’re having conversations about anything that would help mitigate spread,” the official said, referring to discussions about new travel restrictions that could target the spread of the U.K. mutation in Florida.

Governor DeSantis responded:

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