In Attempting to Claim There’s No Conservative Bias on Social Media – ‘Experts’ Inadvertently Show Trump CRUSHED Biden in Social Media Too

The clowns on the Democrat left have done it again.  In an effort to claim there is no conservative bias on social media, the ‘experts’ show President Trump crushed Biden in social media as well.

Some ‘brilliant’ individuals on the far-left show their bias and stupidity again.  The far-left now claims that there is no conservative social media bias.  In a report at Roll Call some experts claim:

The decision by Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to ban former President Donald Trump in the wake of last month’s riot at the Capitol by a mob of his supporters has renewed claims that the country’s largest technology firms are biased against conservatives.

But a report published Monday refutes those claims with evidence showing that conservative users often generate more engagement than posts by liberal or nonpartisan users.

In fact, claims of anti-conservative bias are themselves a form of online disinformation that Republicans have sought to wield to turn their supporters against Big Tech, according to researchers at the Center for Business and Human Rights at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

These people shouldn’t be teaching our young adults.  They then claim:

Of the 10 media outlets that performed best on Facebook from Jan. 1 of last year through Election Day, only three — Fox News, the Daily Caller and Breitbart — were right-leaning. But they outperformed the other seven outlets on the list, including CNN and The New York Times, by nearly 20 million interactions, the report found.

The problem is that these geniuses don’t contemplate that a majority of conservative sites like the Gateway Pundit have been censored since the 2016 election.  Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit’s founder, spoke in front of the Republican Congress about this very subject in 2018 but unfortunately no one cared or listened because nothing got done:

Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft Testifies to Congress on Facebook Censorship: Full Statement (VIDEO)

The reason the Gateway Pundit is not listed above, is the reason other conservative sites are not listed, because they’ve all been banned or censored by social media.  Hundreds of individuals like President Trump have been totally censored by social media.

But the study noted above did prove one point – that President Trump crushed Joe Biden in social media as well as rallies and campaign events.  We already reported that President Trump had 1.1 million attendees at his peaceful events while Joe Biden had less than 2,000 at his:

FINAL 2020 RALLY TALLY: President Trump Had Largest Crowds at His Rallies in US History – Biden Had Some of the Smallest

Roll Call states that in spite of conservative censorship Trump crushed Biden on social media as well:

The NYU report also compared Facebook likes, shares and comments on Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s pages from Sept. 3, 2020, to Election Day, the most intense part of the campaign, and found Trump dominant. The total number of likes, comments and shares for both presidential candidates was 307 million. Trump elicited 87 percent of the engagement, Biden 13 percent.

Trump supporters are the majority. They lead in every meaningful category.  They are peaceful and honest.  Despite liberal Big Tech censorship Trump supporters are the super majority in excitement, attendance, social media engagement and no doubt in votes as well.

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