“The Allegations and Indictment Are Baseless and Politically Motivated.” Representative Paul Gosar In Letter to President Trump Asking for Pardon of All ‘We Build the Wall’ Indictees

Four members of the “I Build the Wall” team were indicted by the SDNY in another DOJ political hit job.  Steve Bannon was pardoned. 

The President was provided a letter from Arizona Representative Paul Gosar encouraging him to pardon all four men.  Here is what the President was provided.

A group of American heroes decided to begin building the Southern Border wall themselves after Democrats continually stopped and delayed President Trump from building the wall.  The effort was successful as segments of the wall were erected at some very dangerous miles along the border.

Then in August last year right before the Republican Convention, Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage, Andrew Badolato, and Timothy Shea, members of the “We Build the Wall” team, were arrested and indicted on a political hit job emanating from the corrupt DOJ’s Southern District of New York (SDNY):

Breaking: Steve Bannon Arrested and Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud …Update: Related to Border Wall – Smells Like a Deep State Hit

In an exclusive, we reported how war hero and triple amputee Brian Kolfage was arrested by more than a dozen US Postal employees who drove all the way from New York to Florida to place the young hero under arrest.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 15 Armed USPIS Agents from New York Sent to Arrest Triple Amputee War Hero Brian Kolfage in Florida — VIDEO and PHOTOS

We reported that:

Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Audrey Strauss came out a short time later and called all the men involved in building the southern border wall fraudsters. These ‘fraudsters’ had claimed all donations for building the wall would be spent on the wall and they had the audacity of paying themselves a small fraction of the proceeds from the donations received for their expenses and work.

It was another DOJ political hit job.  Like Roger Stone, General Flynn and Paul Manafort, and others, these individuals’ real crimes were that they were close to President Trump.

Representative Paul Gosar knew this and he made a request to President Trump to pardon those indicted by the DOJ’s SDNY targeting the “We Build the Wall” campaign leaders.  His request was partially heard as the President did pardon Steve Bannon.

Gosar called this a ‘political prosecution’ and said in his letter to the President:

The Southern District of New York is known not just as a hot bed of liberal activism but for its corruption and incompetence. In September 2020, Judge Allison Nathan issued a scathing rebuke against this rogue office noting that the office level of corruption and “misconduct is high. With each misstep, the public faith in the criminal justice system further erodes.”

Gosar introduced the four members indicted by the SDNY and then noted their accomplishments in building the wall. He noted the actions made by the SDNY and then shared why the indictments were political hit jobs:

This prosecution is—to state it in plain and unvarnished terms—a political hitjob. The political motivations underlying the prosecution are clear. You can see this simply by looking at where he is being prosecuted: the Southern District of New York. The Southern District of New York has no interest in this case. Although the indictment alleges that residents of the Southern District of New York donated to the GoFundMe campaign or WBTW, the donorship of WBTW was nationwide and had no special concentration in Manhattan or the surrounding boroughs of New York City. The organization itself was based out of Florida. It’s Board Members operated out of Kansas and Colorado; and, as stated, its charitable works were conducted, among other places, in Texas and New Mexico.

Furthermore, the prosecutor who obtained the indictments, Audrey Strauss, is a political partisan. She is a lifelong Democrat and between 2002 and 2017, she donated a total of $94,845 to candidates for, and organizations affiliated with, the Democratic Party. Her hatred of your Administration, of secure borders, and of a fair administration of justice is palpable. The political nature of the prosecution is also reflected in the other targets: Stephen Bannon and WBTW itself. Prosecuting Mr. Bannon is yet another example of this particular U.S. Attorney’s Office targeting people associated with you. To them, taking him down is taking you down by proxy. And in the process, the prosecutor has shut down WBTW by freezing its assets. Stopping the construction of the border wall—whether by the U.S. Government or by private Trump supporters—is a direct shot at one of your most important legacies as President. The symbolism of attacking the wall, and a charity created to help achieve your most important campaign promise, is obvious. The allegations and indictment are baseless and politically motivated.

Gosar then added a couple of paragraphs about the SDNY’s case:

Indeed, it appears to us from our investigation to date that the vast majority of those who donated to build the border wall do not claim to be defrauded. They would have naturally expected a portion of their donation to pay for WBTW’s overhead, which would include reasonable compensation for those working for it. Everyone knows that nonprofit organizations have overhead.2 And, in this case, a fair reading of the allegations of the indictment make clear that—accepting everything said as true—no more than approximately $1.5 million of the over $20 million raised by WBTW (i.e., about 7-8% of the donations) made its way to the collective hands of the defendants in this case. And of this amount, no more than $350,000 can be said to have been placed in Brian’s hands for three years of labor. Whatever you may say about the worthiness of this charitable cause, one thing is clear and cannot be fairly disputed by the Southern District of New York prosecutors: Brian Kolfage gave more to this organization and its cause than the fraction of funds he may have personally and indirectly received from WBTW donations. He was not unjustly enriched for the services he provided.

Finally, the government’s allegations that Brian used donations for personal expenses are misleading. The supposed extravagant assets Brian obtained pre-dated the conduct alleged in the indictment. He ordered the boat in 2017. He has owned “luxury SUV[s]” since 2007. The renovations to his house were made in 2017 and 2018. And Brian receives monthly compensation for the loss of his three limbs primarily from the Veterans Administration, which is used to pay for his other personal expenses. He did not, in short, live off of WBTW donations. He could have if he so wanted and certainly earned the right to do so. Nevertheless, despite all of these fatal flaws in the prosecutors’ case, there is a very real risk that the four men will be convicted because of the likely bias in a jury drawn from New York City.  While the vast majority of Americans across the country support your efforts to build the border wall, that is not true in liberal New York City. The prosecutors want to use this case to attack the border wall itself and a jury of liberal New Yorkers may be only too willing to help them.

Rep. Gosar Letter to POTUS Re We Build 1 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Unfortunately, Kolfage and two of his colleagues on the WBTW team were not pardoned by President Trump.  The reasoning is unknown.  This past week the SDNY delayed the case longer after being ordered to respond to the case yesterday. 

(You can help support Brian Kolfage at his website fight4kolfage.com)

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