Americans Learn Those Involved in the Russia Collusion Coup Will Walk Confirming The Evolution of the Deep State and the Two Tiered Justice System

How many times can you say ‘outrageous’ in one year?  Last year set the record.

As Americans are standing in the ashes resulting from the greatest steal in world history – the stolen 2020 election for Joe Biden – the penalties for the Deep State’s prior greatest crime became known.  There will be no prison time for anyone involved in the coup to remove President Trump from office using the totally dishonest and manipulated Russia collusion sham investigation.

We reported on crime after crime related to the set up, lies and spying of President Trump and those around him.  What is seldom said is that the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page was really put in place to spy on President Trump.  Through the ability to look at multiple layers of a target’s contacts, the President and his Administration and family were all spied on.  This wasn’t about Carter Page as much as it was about spying on the President.  And of course Obama was behind it all:


But after years of looking into the attempted coup of another sitting American President, the end result is one indictment and probation for the guilty.  No prison, no court cases, no lost income in legal fees, no bankruptcies, no Big Media calling the accused liars and Russian spies and traitors, and certainly no hangings as is called for when treason is involved.  Nope, the whole scam is over with a guilty plea and probation:

BREAKING: Former FBI Lawyer Kevin Clinesmith Sentenced to PROBATION After Falsifying Document in Trump Spygate Scandal

As reported earlier, Paul Sperry earlier weighed in on this travesty of justice.

Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse commented after years of digging into the Deep State’s criminal activities:

The system of DC is based on a series of unwritten rules… “You don’t out me, and I will not out you… and that will protect us both.” These rules cross over both parties to the extent they usually have a common enemy, us. …

…They choose not to know things; or at least they claim not to know and do an exceptional job of purposeful pretend.

The investigative information that makes up the news cycles amid the investigative right-side of the spectrum is generally compartmented or silo’d. Within DC all branches and people within them keep information isolated from each-other in order to create and retain plausible deniability. This permits their leadership to talk a good game on television while nothing is actually accomplished.

It is all part of the game.

They shuffle the shells but there is no pea.

When CTH pointed out this institutional process of nothingness the ‘trusty planners’ did not like the discomfort associated with the reality… I get it… no-one wants to be that cynical, and, quite frankly, at a point in mid/late-2018 the ‘trusty plan’ had evolved into a business model. However, what we are seeing today with the Boasberg sentence of Kevin Clinesmith is directly an outcome of this previously mentioned DC institutional preservation process.

Notice how no-one in the executive branch DOJ, FBI, ODNI, ever criticized Robert Mueller, yet we know to a demonstrable certainty the Mueller special counsel was likely more corrupt than the originating DOJ/FBI corruption the special counsel was protecting. The origin of ‘Spygate’ was bad, but the totality of the cover-up effort in the Mueller-Weissmann special counsel was exponentially worse. More actual laws and policies within the justice department were broken by Robert Mueller than any preceding corrupt official.

Representative Devin Nunes who was instrumental in uncovering Deep State’s crimes related to the Russia collusion scam commented:

It’s quite disturbing.  Republicans and conservatives around this country that have watched this closely, this is probably the worse thing that could have happened for national security.  The judge that made this ruling is the new judge to oversee the FISA Court.  For nearly four years Republicans in the House and Senate had alerted the court that there was a problem with the Carter Page FISA application…

Oh well.  They just topped Russia Collusion coup.  We now have the Big Lie.  Americans know Joe Biden didn’t win the Presidency it was stolen.  No worries maybe Jim Comey can run an investigation to get to the bottom of it.  Outrageous.

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