After Several Delays Gateway Pundit CLOSE to VIDEO EVIDENCE from Detroit’s 3am Biden Ballot Dump

On Election Night 2020, multiple independent eyewitnesses claimed they saw a white van arrive at 3:30am, nearly 8 hours after the legal ballot deadline, with tens of thousands of illegal ballots for Joe Biden.

Shane Trejo ran to the GOP attorneys like an Election Day Paul Revere to warn them that fraud was occurring. Many others saw the Biden ballot drop. Jose Aliaga saw the ballots as they came into the counting boards at the TCF Center in Detroit, where every ballot was suspiciously marked the exact same way, and where under-voting down-ballot races were marked in the exact same suspicious way.

The media immediately brought cover to this potential evidence of fraud by claiming it was “camera equipment” and others said it was merely food being brought in for workers. But the witnesses are adamant that they saw boxes of ballots brought in, processed, and counted to add illegal votes to the totals for Joe Biden so that he could win Michigan’s electoral votes.

Even though there are no cameras allowed inside the counting area, where Detroit City officials would later cover the windows and illegally expel the GOP so they could not view the processing of ballots, there are over 600 cameras throughout the rest of the TCF center.

When the Gateway Pundit originally requested the footage from these cameras, we were told by Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority FOIA Officer Denise Jaison that it would cost $22,000. We then asked if we could merely have the footage from between 3:00AM-5:00AM and were quoted $10,000 as the price for that footage. Now, the Pundit is set to receive 1,200 hours of video footage from 600 cameras helping to settle once and for all whether there was a 3:30AM Biden Ballot Dump or whether it was a set of Nikons or a buffet plate of chicken fingers.

This evidence was also subpoenaed on December 15th by the Michigan Legislature but there is no word whether anything was tendered in response to the subpoena. And local legal figures relate that it is unsure whether the information collected will be public information, sealed, or provided to the legislature with the caveat that it must remain confidential information.

The mainstream media and left-wing ‘fact-check’ organizations have repeatedly claimed, despite mounting evidence, that there is “no evidence” of voter fraud in the 2020 elections.


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