Police SUV Plows Through Crowd that Was Mobbing His Car While Responding To Street Racing In Tacoma (VIDEO)

A police officer in Tacoma, WA, is facing heat after driving through a crowd that was mobbing his SUV while responding to calls of illegal street racing with obligatory doughnut burnouts in intersections. The incident was captured on multiple cell phone cameras. You can see the SUV in the street with 20-30 people surrounding it. At one point the officer evidently becomes concerned with his own safety and hits the gas, plowing through about a dozen or so people to escape. One person is all the way under the car and you can clearly see the back tires run over him:


Note the one guy saying “hit those people.”

One streamer is exclaiming that people were getting into the cop car:


Here’s another angle:


And yet another:

And another video that shows the street racers doing donuts, followed by yet another angle of the police SUV. Some said one of the racers accidentally hit someone:

KOMO news reports:

An outside investigation is underway after a Tacoma Police Department officer struck at least one person, and possibly others, Saturday evening while he and other officers were trying to clear a scene involving as many as 100 people, authorities said.

The city’s police department turned the probe over to the Pierce County Force Investigation Team, which will now conduct an independent review of the incident, according to a written statement by Tacoma police.

According to police, emergency dispatchers received several calls at 6:19 p.m. about the intersection of South 9th Street and Pacific Avenue being blocked by vehicles and at least 100 people.

When police arrived, they began clearing the area and were attempting to get the pedestrians out of the streets, police said.

At some point, the cruiser of one of the officers, who has not been identified, was surrounded by a crowd of onlookers who began striking the vehicle while it was stopped, according to police.

The officer began to fear for his safety and drove forward to escape the crowd, but struck one pedestrian and may have “impacted others,” the statement said.

Offiicials said the police cruiser’s lights and sirens were on at the time of the incident.

The officer stopped at a point of safety and called for paramedics.


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