Pence Betrayed General Flynn in 2017 and Today He Betrayed President Trump and America

Earlier today we said Vice President Mike Pence would end the day in history branded as a hero or a traitor to his country.  We now know that answer.

This afternoon while the President was speaking to a million patriots in the Capital, VP Pence released his memo explaining why he was overlooking the corruption and election fraud which ended up stealing the election from President Trump, his boss, and the American people:

BREAKING: Pence Releases Statement Ahead of Certification of Electoral College, Says He Will NOT Block Biden’s Electors

Pence is good at stabbing Americans in the back.  He began his quest early into the Trump Administration, when he colluded with the Deep State in finagling the resignation of General Michael Flynn.  Pence was right in the middle of the entire made up event to get rid of General Flynn:

BREAKING: Mike Flynn Resigns as Trump’s National Security Adviser

Pence for some reason filled his staff with people who hated President Trump:

HUGE! Wife of VP Pence Former Chief of Staff Joshua Pitcock Was Working for Peter Strzok in FBI

Pence was given the opportunity to lead the country during the China coronavirus crisis.  How did this go America?  Are there any freedoms Pence and corrupt politicians did not infringe upon?  Pence and Dr Fauci have been leading America off a cliff ever since:

Predictable: Liberal Hack Attacks Trump for Holding Campaign Rallies But NOT Black Lives Matter-Antifa Mobs Terrorizing American Cities! (VIDEO)

Now today, as a grand finale, Vice President Pence stabs America and President Trump in the back and validates the most grotesque and corrupt election in world history.  He steals this from the rightful winners, President Trump and the American people.

Mike Pence will never be forgotten.

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Joe Hoft is a Radio Host at, Author, Former International Corporate Executive in Hong Kong for a Decade, and a Contributor at TGP since 2016. Joe is the author of five books, including his new bestseller, "The Steal: Volume II - The Impossible Occurs" which addresses the stolen 2020 Election and provides an inventory of issues that prove that the 2020 Election was uncertifiable and never should have been certified for Joe Biden.

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