‘You Must Take the Vaccine’: Giggling Joe and Jill Biden’s New Year’s Dud Interview

Perhaps they hit the champagne early. A giggling Joe and Jill Biden were given a softball interview Thursday night on ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show with host Ryan Seacrest. The interview was conducted with Seacrest addressing the Bidens from Times Square with video of the couple from their Rehobeth Beach, Delaware vacation home shown on giant video screens over the nearly empty streets of the traditional gathering point for New Year’s Eve in New York City that usually draws about one million celebrants.

In the interview a giggling Jill Biden told Americans with regard to the COVID-19 vaccine, “You must take it.” At the end Jill Biden tried and failed to make a celebratory popper go off. A flustered Joe and Jill Biden laughed off the embarrassing end to the interview.

Video clip followed by full interview:

Full interview:

Jill Biden: “Oh, you have to take it. And, uh, it doesn’t hurt, I promise. And, uh, so as long as everybody takes it…”

Joe Biden: “She hates needles, so that’s saying something.”

Jill Biden: “But I took it, it doesn’t hurt. I didn’t have any after effects. So, everybody has to take it so that we all can be safe.”

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