PRESIDENT TRUMP: Despite the Constant Attack from Those Who Despise America, You Stand Tall for US – We Support You 100%

We support President Trump 100%!

Never in our lifetime have we seen such a great leader and President.  In the face of constant attack from our enemies from day one, President Trump stood tall for us.  President Trump was an outsider and those on the left and the right hated him for showing them and proving to the world, that America wasn’t theirs, it was ours.

The enemies of America, spied on him and his team, set them up, lied about them constantly and wrongfully indicted them.  The President was harassed for years based on crimes made up by evil men – the same men who spied on him and lied about it.  But President Trump stood tall and charged forward.

The media blasted him every day, calling him rude and racist.  But we knew these were lies.  And they knew these were lies.

They claimed his family was corrupt, but we knew this too was a lie.  There has never been such a clean family in US politics.  They investigated every possible action by this family and found nothing.  They claimed Melania Trump was stupid, a woman who speaks five languages and was a successful international model.  The Trumps are a beautiful and amazing First Family who represent America with integrity, courage, and style.

President Trump did what he promised and America was great again.

The list of accomplishments in just four years in the face of unrelenting attacks and lies is amazing.

The people know this.  The media ignores this.

White House Releases List of President Trump’s Accomplishments – And It Is Historic!

But the enemies of America are many.  There are those who hate our freedoms and know nothing about America.

We are free men and women who were given our freedom from God and in our Constitution centuries ago.

Our ancestors fought and died for this freedom.  Today, like never before, these freedoms are under attack.

Our deceitful mainstream media today is an enemy of the state.  Only their approved messaging is now acceptable speech.  Individuals and entities are punished for supporting President Trump.  There was no stolen election they say.  We are no longer allowed to question the impossible results.  We know this is a lie.

WOW! They Want You to Believe This! — Biden Gained Over 1 Million Votes in Pennsylvania SINCE THE MORNING AFTER THE ELECTION!

This recent video from Dan Scavino shows the Real President Donald Trump that we know and love and support 100%:

We stand for freedom.  We stand for integrity and despite their slander and smears Americans stand with President Trump.

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