‘MEDICAL KIDNAPPING’: Hospital Refuses to Let Daughter See Her Elderly Mother for Not Taking COVID Test, Crowd Comes and Gets Mom Released (VIDEOS)

A crazy scene unfolded on Friday night in Vancouver, Washington, as a large crowd formed to support a woman who says that her mother was the victim of “medical kidnapping.”

The media rushed to portray the crowd as wild anti-vaxxers — without telling the story of what happened or why they were actually there.

A 74-year-old woman named Gayle Meyer was admitted to the Legacy Salmon Creek with a urinary tract infection on Thursday evening. The elderly woman has a brain tumor and her daughter, Satin, is her medical power of attorney.

The hospital refused to allow the daughter to see her mother.

According to a witness at the scene, they first claimed that Gayle refused to take a COVID test, then changed their story to say that she took it — but had to be quarantined until the results came in, then changed back to saying that she had refused to take it and would therefore be forced to quarantine.

Other reports on social media say that Satin had refused to sign off on the COVID test and that they conducted it without her permission.

Upset by not being allowed to see her mother who is unwell, the daughter put out a call in the community for people to come and support her and help her get her mother out. Among those who showed up were friends and supporters of Ammon Bundy.

Soon, 30 to 40 people had gathered at the hospital to demand Gayle’s release.

The cops used a heavy hand on them, even pepperspraying a member of the group — leading to this group that was most certainly right-wing to refer to them as “blue ISIS.” Despite the (rather impressive) video of the man being peppersprayed in the mouth by law enforcement (and defiantly spitting it out), local media falsely claimed that it was the protesters who had fired off the pepperspray.

Eventually, the hospital and law enforcement relented and released the woman — which drew big applause and celebration from the crowd.




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