Georgia Election Official Gabe Sterling Claims Processing was “Normal” At the State Farm Arena Election Night – Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth

Yesterday Georgia’s sinister Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger held a press conference.  He had Georgia election official Gabe Sterling do all the talking.  This was a big mistake.

Yesterday Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger held a press conference.  This was not a good idea after having broken the law two days prior by taping and releasing a recording he had with the President of the United States.  As a result the President filed two lawsuits against dirty Raffensperger:

On Monday came Raffensperger’s press conference where he didn’t talk, another mistake.  Instead, Raffensperger left all the talking with Gabe Sterling.  This to was a poor choice by Raffensperger.

Per a cursory review of the accusations made by Georgia Election Official Gabe Sterling during this presser we know that many of his statements are just not right.  Sterling misled his audience, defended the corrupt and likely criminal conduct at the State Farm Center on election night and defended elections worker Ruby Freeman for passing hundreds of ballots through a ballot counting machines at least three times.

Sterling even lied about the Dominion voting machines not having internet capability.  This was proven incorrect by Dominion’s Eric Coomer himself:

New Video Shows Dominion’s Eric Coomer Admitting Their Voting Machine Systems Are Wireless and Support All Networks

The more we look at the presser from Sterling the more remarks we find that don’t add up.

At 8:00 in the video Sterling says that Ruby Freeman and the rest of the scanners were doing “normal” processing and rescanning when “ballots get stuck” and “four or five will get through, delete the batch and rescan until they scanned properly.

There are lots of problems with this:

1) If this was true, the scanning machines are poorly designed, because they “failed” on every single batch that these scanners were operating on, and they shouldn’t have been ordered in the first place.  There are a whole lot easier ways to count ballots than this.  Like stacking them in multiple piles of 50 or 100, and counting multiple stacks with a real physical trail that can be observed and trusted by everyone.  Every bank in America does this with stacks of dollar bills, with straps, tracking numbers and initials of the person who does the counting.  Why does this have to be so much more complicated?

2) If this happened so often, and the batches were rescanned (and not counted as Gabe implies), this group of scanners would not have been able to add the 18,000 votes to the tabulation (tens of thousands of votes almost 100% for Biden, that magically appears at 1:36AM see graphic below.  The number would’ve been much less due to the scanning/counting processing limits if the batches were actually rejected and rescaned.

3) The operators do not seem “frustrated” at all with the machines.  If the machines were “failing” at such an alarming rate, you would naturally see frustration at having to feed the same ballots over and over again to make them work.  We see the opposite.  The operators happily keep feeding the same stacks in over and over again.  We also don’t see them removing “problem” ballots from the stacks; they just realign the stack and scan and count them again.

4) Without independent or public observers, no one knows *what* they were doing.

5) Gabe Sterling has publicly said previously that they WERE being observed, which is not true.  He seems to imply that if an election supervisor (like the dirty Ralph Jones) is present, that that *counts* as being “observed”.

6) If the machines were “failing” so often, why aren’t there technicians available, or any logging of these failures.

7) Normally if scanning machines fail, the ballot that gets “stuck” is caught up in the machines and is released from the feed rollers, but we don’t see the operators opening the machines to clear the jams.  They just keep feeding stacks in over and over again.

8) A “recount” of the scanned ballots is meaningless, since the scanned image of the ballot IS what is counted, even if it is counted multiple times.  The only way to reconcile the reported count of the scanned ballots is to count the *actual* paper ballots through an audit of the chain of custody to see if it matches the entire audit trail from point of origin through all transit points.  And since the chain of custody documentation is unlawfully missing for most of Georgia’s ballots, this cannot be done.

Nope, there was something going on at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta on Election night and it wasn’t normal.  The President knows it and the American people know it.  We’re not sure if Gabe Sterling knows it or not.

Creepy Raffensperger has made some horrible decisions – associating himself with a person like Sterling was one of them.

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