Gabe Sterling Says Georgia Election Will Allow Extra Three Hours to Process Mail-in Ballots Until… 3 AM – Final Results May Take “a Couple of Days”

Gabe Sterling

Georgia’s ‘voting system implementation manager’ Gabe Sterling said counting of the mail-in ballots for the senate runoff will go through the night and into early morning.

To be clear Gabe Sterling is not employed by the Georgia Secretary of State’s office. He is an independent contractor doing the dirty work for Dominion voting systems.

Earlier Tuesday CNN reported that 78,000 *fewer* people participated in Fulton County in this election as in November.

Isn’t that peculiar?

Why is only Fulton County seeing a fewer number of voters?

Shortly after CNN made this announcement, Gabe Sterling came out and announced that Georgia will allow for an extra 3 hours to process mail-in ballots.

Sterling also told CNN that he anticipates it will take “a couple of days” until the final tallies are known.