EXCLUSIVE: The Election Assistance Commission Told the Senate in December 2020 It Had Two Accredited Test Laboratories – In Reality It Had None

In December a Vice Chairman from the federal government’s Election Assistance Commission (EAC) spoke before the Senate.  In his printed testimony the Vice Chairman said the EAC had two accredited voting system test laboratories – in reality they had none.

We uncovered yesterday that the Board of Supervisors in Arizona’s Maricopa County claimed that they would only use certified or accredited auditors in an audit demanded by the Arizona Senate.  This action prevented them from using expert Jovan Pulitzer who claims he can look at all the ballots in the county and isolate those ballots which aren’t valid.  But the Board of Supervisors don’t want this so they made up this excuse that they would only select audit firms accredited by the EAC.  The result was the County Board of Supervisors selected their preferred auditors who would rubber stamp their results – Pro V&V and SLI Compliance – and this would prevent Pulitzer from analyzing all the County’s ballots.

But we found a problem yesterday.  We discovered that Pro V&V and SLI Compliance weren’t accredited and haven’t been for some time.  After we reported this, yesterday that EAC went out to their website and updated the records for these two companies and labeled them accredited as of the day before yesterday.

How Can the Government Agency Certifying Elections (the EAC) Maintain Its Independence When Its CIO Previously Worked for 10 Years for Dominion Voting Systems?

Not only were the firms not accredited, but the EAC had stated in a Senate hearing that the firms were accredited.  EAC Vice Chairman Donald Palmer had made this statement as recently as December:

In Palmer’s testimony before the Senate he stated that Pro V&V and SLI were both accredited entities.  This was not true at that time.  Even on the EAC’s site the most recent accreditations for these entities had long expired.

The 2020 election was broken every stage of the way.  The President won a record number of votes and Joe Biden came in and stole the election.  Government oversight is partly to blame.

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