Another Eyewitness Account from the Stop the Steal Event at the US Capitol — Including a Memorial to Ashli Babbitt the Next Day (Pictures, Video)

Above is a picture of the Capitol police shooting pepper spray on Trump supporters in the freezing cold on Wednesday, January 6th.

Below is a video provided to us showing the march to the capital and the events after that (updated):

In late 2015 and into 2016 we saw Trump supporters beaten at rallies.  We found out later that Democrats were paying brutes to go to the rallies and beat up Trump supporters.  The media claimed the Trump supporters and candidate Trump supported it.  The violence occurred because of Trump they said.

Unreal! GOP Leaders PRIEBUS, PAUL RYAN and McCONNELL SILENT After Trump Supporters BEATEN, BLOODIED in San Jose

The media again claims the Trump protesters are violent but it was the police who started firing tear gas without warning and shooting pepper spray right in people’s faces.  Below is another first hand account of the protests on January 6th at the Capitol from the individual who provided the above video and the below pictures.

I was at the rally with the huge crowds regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sexual orientation (LGBT for Trump rainbow flag) at The Ellipse close to Washington Monument.

When Trump’s speech came to a close and concluded, I walked to join the forming march before the scheduled 1 p.m. march on Constitution Ave NW to walk for half an hour to U.S. Capitol Building.

I arrived to step up on the stairs and stood on the several inches wide by 3 feet height platform at my risk to hold the protest poster with dual sides and using shock-proofed mini tablet device to photograph and film the surroundings simultaneously while wearing “Trump Won” red cap.

When I arrived to reach the platform, I saw the arrest and apparent concussion of one protestor removed by Capitol cops on stretcher. I could not discern what happened to him. Was it a medical emergency or a beating by the cops?

After I climbed up on the elevated platform, I began filming and photographing. I saw the protestors climb on the larger platform on the left side of the Capitol building with the white cover covering the “scaffolding” seats constructed for the upcoming inauguration.

The stream of protestors continued to come in and I saw them use the Capitol Police security fence as the ladder to mount on the larger platform to the cheers and approval of the protest crowds.

Capitol Police began arriving with few officers shouting at the protestors to vacate as a few protestors tried to “climb” up the steps beyond the restricted area which apparently did not have the signal of restriction highlighted, so the protestors assumed they could access by scaling the large platforms to climb toward the destination.

Capitol Police officers began to use violent force to beat up the few protestors who persisted climbing. I saw one police officer argue with climbing protestor for moments that led to beating up followed by laying protestor on the ground of the stair in handcuffs as more police officers arrived to secure the “breached” area with threat of force, involving what looked like stun guns or bean bag rifles.

When Capitol Police beat up one of the first protestors in the brutal take down, the crowd who witnessed the beating from the distance began to shout disapproval with profanities, middle finger and finger point jabbing. I joined in this noisy show of vociferous objection to the excessive force deployed by Capitol Police officers to assault, apprehend and handcuff the few climbing (upstairs beyond the larger platform) protestors for quick removal.

The larger platform continued to get crowded with more protestors helping each other climb on top of the larger platform. I saw one clever cosplayer as a 18th century colonial America soldier or military leader (photo) atop the platform.

One protestor got beat up for trying to climb past the restriction zone and he had to descent to be escorted out by fellow protestors while suffering what appears to be bleeding by the scalp. (Video clip of bleeding head of a victim descending.)

Unfortunately, someone deployed what sounded like loud fireworks, but it turned out to be tear gas grenades.  I realized it was the Capitol Police shooting the tear gas to disperse the massive crowd reaching the upper areas.

Tear gas smoke got to me, prompting me to leave somewhat early, before apparently it became even more wild with the protestors becoming allegedly violent (mixed with apparent Antifa weirdo thugs disguised as Trump supporters to mislead the genuine Trump supporters, hence agent provocateur) to breach the security perimeters of the Capitol building.

I walked westward.  Later, I returned to the same Capitol building grounds the next day, and the new fences have been gradually put up. Ditto the White House with the white walls obscuring the view of the White House from the south side of the Ellipse unfortunately, to prevent the breaches after the Jan. 6th.

What remained was a memorial to

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