World Economic Forum Admits Davos 2021 will Reveal “Great Reset Initiative”

The World Economic Forum unveiled a preview for its Davos 2021 Agenda.

The meeting of the world’s political and corporate elites next month will be a digital event due to Covid concerns.

Many on the right were mocked for saying the “Great Reset” was a part of a larger conspiracy to impose worldwide tyranny.

The globalists are openly admitting they are using Covid-19 as a vehicle to usher in a Marxist takeover of the world yet conservatives who sound the alarm are mocked as “conspiracy theorists.”

The globalists are using Covid-19 as a pretext for a worldwide takeover.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that no institution or individual alone can address the economic, environmental, social and technological challenges of our complex, interdependent world. The pandemic itself will not transform the world, but it has accelerated systemic changes that were apparent before its inception. The fault lines that emerged in 2020 now appear as critical crossroads in 2021. The time to rebuild trust and to make crucial choices is fast approaching as the need to reset priorities and the urgency to reform systems grow stronger around the world.

The Davos Agenda will also mark the launch of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Initiative and begin the preparation of the Special Annual Meeting in the spring.

Recently, the global elitists at the WEF told the public to start eating weeds, algae, bugs and fungus instead of animal products.

The strange diet plan comes from a recent virtual event hosted by the WEF, called Bold Actions for Food as a Force for Good. The WEF highlighted 5 main reasons that you should start grazing on some weeds:

1) They’re easy to grow
2) They can be rich in nutrients
3) We need to diversify our diets
4) They know more about the soil than we do
5) They taste great

Many have scrutinized the WEF for attempting to further economic globalization and to make the planet one giant third-world country. They also research and publish ways to eliminate real meat from American diets and replace it with “alternatives.”

In that research, the World Economic Forum recommended making people eat fungus instead of beef, crickets instead of pork, and algae in place of chicken.

The World Economic Forum in a November of 2017 blog post told people to envision a world taken over by technocrats.

“Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.”

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