WATCH: Belligerent Black Lives Matter Thugs Harass Elderly Woman in DC, ‘F*** Your Grandkids! F*** You!’

Black Lives Matter thugs had to be held back by police while harassing an elderly woman with a bicycle in Washington, DC, on Sunday.

It is unclear why the animalistic “protesters” decided to target this woman, though it is not unlikely that they were simply upset about the color of her skin.

“F-ck your grandkids! F-ck you!” one of the BLM brats shouted at the woman.

Police intervened to protect the woman from the mob that began to gather.

The situation in DC was tense as supporters of President Donald Trump remain gathered in the city following Saturday’s massive “Stop the Steal” march.

The Gateway Pundit is keeping an eye on the situation in DC and will provide updates as the evening progresses.


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