The Same Organized Fraud That Took Place in Michigan Took Place In Georgia on Election Night – Republicans Were Removed from the Counting Area and then Massive Spike in Biden Only Votes is Recorded

Update: We replaced featured image of reporter with suitcase with the ballot timeline image.

Biden-only votes were produced seemingly everywhere on Election night to steal the election away from President Trump in a coordinated effort. 

Georgia and Michigan are only two examples.

This past week we saw first hand how the Democrats inserted tens of thousands of Biden only votes into the voter records in Georgia.  They did so after shutting down the counts, removing Republican observers from the premises and then pulling votes out from under the table.

The Georgia spike in Biden ballots took place at 1:36 AM when the secret suitcase ballots were pulled out from their hiding place under the tables.

They then ran the Biden only  ballots through the tabulators multiple times.  These votes were all for Biden and fraudulently gave Biden the lead in the race.

UPDATE: More on the Suitcase Vote Scam, the Elections Supervisor and that Strange “Pass” Between Mother and Daughter That Was Also Caught on Video

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on how these illegal actions in Georgia were similar to what occurred in other states:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Multiple Reversals and Proportional Vote Entries In Virginia on Election Night after 11 PM Indicate Election Fraud Occurred in This State Too

In Michigan on election night suitcases were reported being shuffled into the arena in downtown Detroit around 4:30 AM in the morning on election night on November 4th.  Remember President Trump was hundreds of thousands of votes ahead in Michigan on election night at this time as well.  Then early in the morning these suspicious suitcases and coolers full of ballots were carted into the center.

Like Georgia  this took place at 4:30 AM right before shift change around 5 AM. .  New GOP observers were set to comin in at 6 AM.  Republicans were told there was a break in voting so they could clean the room for coronavirus.  That’s when the spike occurred in Joe Biden votes.

The spike took place around 6 AM — when GOP observers were pushed out of the TCF Arena.

The next day, Republicans were prevented from entering the arena and suddenly tens of thousands of votes for Joe Biden were added to the counts stealing the election for Biden.

All these instances of election fraud went for Joe Biden. 

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