SHOTS FIRED: Dueling Pro-Trump Versus Antifa Rallies in Olympia Result in Gunfire (VIDEOS)

Multiple fights broke out at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia on Saturday between patriots and black-clad members of Antifa — and the tense dueling protests culminated in gunfire.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, supporters of President Donald Trump were at the Capitol holding a pro-Trump and anto-lockdown rally, while Antifa were holding an event titled “Squash Fascists.”

Videographer Andrew Duncomb, known online as Black Rebel, filmed the incident.

“Patriots are tired of being attacked by antifa and they are starting to fight back,” Duncomb told the Gateway Pundit.

The situation was tense, with pepper spray and fists flying from both sides, even before the gun shot rang out.

One man was arrested for firing, and there has been conflicting information about which side he was on. It does appear, from arrest records and social media accounts, that he was with the pro-Trump crowd.

The shooter has been booked on felony 1st degree assault and 2nd degree assault, according to the Thurston County Jail Roster.

Footage of the incident from various angles has been posted to social media.

A YouTube account called RedPilled2 also posted a video.


An Antifa account claimed that one of their far-left militants was shot “in the abdomen on a glancing trajectory. We can report the protester suffered a minor wound that was not life threatening.” The Gateway Pundit has not been able to confirm or debunk the claim at this time.


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