Newly Elected Los Angeles DA Says He Will No Longer Prosecute Trespassing, Drug Possession, Drinking in Public, Resisting Arrest – Among Other Crimes

Newly elected Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón announced radical policy changes that he claimed are backed up by “science.”

George Gascón was previously the DA of San Francisco and absolutely turned that place into a hell hole.

Gascón’s “progressive” programs caused a historic surge in crime and during his tenure, San Francisco’s property crime rate spiked a whopping 37%.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in 2017, San Fran reported over 31,000 car break-ins – the WORST year on record.

Now Gascón is going to destroy what’s left of Los Angeles, a city already struggling with authoritarian lockdowns and record number of homeless people.

“I recognize that these are big changes, but they are changes that will enable us to actually affect the truly vulnerable,” Gascón said.

“The money bail system is as unsafe as it is unjust,” Gascón said. “The rich can be dangerous while the poor impose zero threat to society.” The amount of money a person has in their bank account does not determine the danger they pose to their community, he added.

New changes announced:

1) End cash bail by January
2) Conviction integrity unit
3) No death penalty
4) Felony charging no longer seeking enhancements i.e. gang affiliation
5) Juveniles will not be tried as adults
6) Use-of-force review board to reopen fatal officer-involved shooting cases going back to 2012!

Californians last month overwhelmingly voted against ending cash bail and voted against ending the death penalty, but the radical Marxist DA is marching forward with his own policy changes against the will of the people.

The Los Angeles police union blasted the radical DA’s move to end cash bail and called it “disturbing.”

“As homicides, shooting victims, and shots fired into occupied homes soar in Los Angeles, it’s disturbing that Gascón’s first act in office is to explore every avenue possible to release from jail those responsible for this bloodshed,” the Los Angeles Police Protective League said in a statement. “Victims and law-abiding residents lost a voice today while criminals and gang members gained an ally in the prosecutor’s office.”


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