“Incompetent And Weak” – Trump Blasts The Supreme Court For Not Standing Up To Fraud

In an early morning tweet, President Trump blasted the Supreme Court as “incompetent and weak”.

The Supreme Court has let Americans down.

They refused to even hear the Texas lawsuit:

Is Chief Justice Roberts part of the steal?

Joe Hoft wrote in the Gateway Pundit recently:

Turning down the Texas case was not the first questionable act made by Roberts. In October Roberts sided with Pennsylvania and allowed the state to count non- post-marked ballots three days after the election.  In June Roberts sided with the liberal judges over ending unconstitutional DACA.  During the garbage impeachment hearings Roberts refused to allow the name of the so called ‘whistleblower’ from being spoken out loud during the hearings.   In 2018 Roberts lashed out at President Trump for pointing out how insane, corrupt and unconstitutional the Obama judges are.  Roberts is a mess.

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