Georgia State Senator: “Reported Results Must Be Viewed As Untrustworthy”

A Georgia State Senator is exposing the massive fraud that took place in Georgia during the 2020 election.

Georgia State Senator William T. Ligon chairs a subcommittee of the State Judiciary committee that heard witness testimony on the fraud in Georgia.

In Ligon’s summary of the hearings, he said, “The November 3, 2020 General Election (the “Election”) was chaotic and any reported results must be viewed as untrustworthy.

Ligon released a report outlining the reasons to question the results coming out of Georgia.

 Here is a summary of the findings in the report:

-The Secretary of State and the State Elections Board failed to enforce the law as written in the Georgia Code. They created policies that contravened Georgia State law.

-The Secretary of State failed to have a transparent process for the verification of signatures for absentee ballots. This wasn’t only on election day but also during the subsequent recount and audit.

-The Secretary of State instituted an unconstitutional gag order which blocked poll monitors from using photography or video recording devices during the recount.

-Systematic failure to maintain a proper chain of custody for these ballots, both prior to and after voting and throughout the recount.

-Hostile behavior of workers toward citizen volunteer monitors during the recount process was not stopped by election officials.

-Private grants exerted influence over the election process.

-Oral and written testimony “provided ample evidence” that the 2020 Georgia General Election was compromised.

Click here to read the full report 

Trump blasted Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan for their failures to safeguard the election:

Will the Georgia Legislature step in?

Will they allow a steal to happen again?

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