Fed Up Business Owner Blocks In Health Inspector’s Car Who Shut His Business Down Over COVID Restrictions

Do the government authorities want more Killdozers? Because this is how you get more Killdozers.

A health inspector that was shutting down a Covina, CA based restaurant got a taste of his own medicine last week, as the owner of the establishment used his big ass pickup truck to block in the health inspectors’ car.

Cue the police, who apparently have nothing better to do, as six officers respond to the scene.

Carlos Roman, owner of Bread & Barley, pleads with police and the health inspector, explaining that his employees are going broke, one of whom recently had a baby. “This guy needs to know how hard it is,” Roman says to the female officer, pointing to the health inspector. “You’re out here enforcing, doing your job, did you get a paycheck on Friday? Did you get a paycheck? My people don’t. You’re just doing your job, right? We’re all in this together,” he starts to say facetiously.

“What do I tell my employees?” he asks of the inspector and police, and is met only with generic “we need you to step over here” from the cops, as they threaten to tow his truck.

“You’re talking to someone who’s getting orders from his supervisor,” explains the female cop, who then starts to make the argument that “We all have all jobs. I have a job… I don’t agree with the things that my job does but I have to do them, because I have to provide for my family.”

Well, she just made the point for Roman.

Video of the incident via the Bread & Barley Instagram:

Apparently the restaurant has been ordered shut down and fined $1000.

The official reason for the harassment is due to the Covid orders:

Roman eventually did move his truck.

A GoFundMe has been set up here to help Roman and his employees. Click HERE for the GoFundMe.

You can complain to the health inspectors’ office at 626 813 3346.


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