EXCLUSIVE: Elections Director in Fulton County, Richard Barron, Claims No One Was Told to Leave Atlanta Arena Election Night But Affidavits Say Otherwise (VIDEO)

On election night in Atlanta workers were told to go home due to a water main break.  However, we soon found out that this was a lie – there was no water main break:

Georgia Election Results Delayed After Pipe Bursts in Room with Absentee Ballots

This event led to numerous questionable events.  Ultimately a video was released showing individuals going under tables and bringing out suitcases full of ballots after Republicans were told to go home.  We identified at least three of the individuals involved in jamming the ballots from the suitcases through tabulators after the arena was cleared out.


One of the individuals who stuck around was Ralph Jones Sr. , noted above, whose son is the the official spokesman for Democrat US Senate Candidate Warnock and is also linked to Stacey Abrams.

The question arises is who told Ralph Jones Sr. to lie and claim a water main break and send people home on election night?

Far-left ‘fact checker’ Politifact claimed that Georgia election workers didn’t kick out observers and illegally count ‘suitcases’ of ballots.  In their article they reached out to Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron:

Richard Barron, the elections director in Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, also addressed the issue with the county’s elections officials. In a video published online by 11Alive, the NBC affiliate TV station in Atlanta, he described sending instructions for the scanners to keep going.

“No announcement was ever made to leave, for anyone to leave,” Barron said. “Certain staff that were on the cutting stations, that were on the flattening stations, that were extracting from the inner envelopes, those staff left as work completed. I found out sometime, I think a little after 10:30, that they were going to cease operations, and I told them not to do that.”

Here is a video of Mr. Barron claiming that no announcement was made for people to go home – gotta tell ya, this guy looks creepy:

But Stinchfield on Newsmax tore Mr. Barron apart – he notes that witnesses under oath in Atlanta claim they were told to leave that night – will Mr. Barron go under oath and say that no one told counters and observers to go home on election night in Atlanta?

Can Mr. Barron be trusted?  Can he even be trusted to perform an election with integrity?  Based on his prior work, the answer is no.  One individual provided us a link to the Wayback Machine where in an article it is noted that an entire election had to be redone in one location where he Barron worked:

Barron has been elections administrator in the affluent Austin suburb for the past six years. He had to defend his job in January when the local GOP tried to have him fired — mostly because during the November election he and three law enforcement officers booted a Republican-appointed poll manager accused of berating a county employee.

At another precinct in Jarrell, Texas, a rookie poll manager handed out more than 100 wrong ballots to voters in November, and a school board race came down to three votes. The losing candidate sued, and a judge ordered a new election…

…Barron, who considers himself politically neutral, said he thought the elections board knew the Jarrell election was being done over, though it didn’t come up in his interview.

Hmmm…. Mr. Barron may have some more explaining to do and Politifact might want to get their facts straight before using characters like Barron as the beacon of truth in the 2020 election in Georgia.

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