“They Don’t Want Results To Get Out”- Trump Blasts “Slow Walking” Of Georgia’s Signature Verification

President Trump is exposing the “slow walking” of Georgia’s signature verification.

They don’t want the results out before January 6th.

The Epoch Times reported on what the Trump campaign expects out of the audit:

A lawyer for Trump on Dec. 1 wrote to Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger for the “immediate audit” of tens of thousands of ballots.

“The Trump Campaign estimates that between 38,250 and 45,626 illegal votes from the absentee ballots alone were cast in the state of Georgia—far beyond the Biden-Harris ticket’s current margin of 12,670 votes,” according to a news release from Trump’s team at the time.

Why are Republicans slow walking signature verification in Georgia?

UPDATE: A Georgia State Representative just called out Governor Kemp:


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