“They Didn’t Disqualify a Single Ballot” – MICHIGAN WITNESS Claims He Also saw Systemic Voter Fraud in Detroit (Video)

Chris Schnorak saw votes being tabulated at the TCF Center in Detroit, the day after election day last month that did not match the poll book of legal voters.

“I saw a ballot for Taniqua Haynes, it comes up in the computer as the wrong ballot number. They mailed her ballot number 5748, but that’s not what she sent back.”

Challenges by Schnorak were ignored. “They refused to put challenges in the electronic log.”

Schnorak says he was only able to get the Detroit officials to log two ballot challenges, “and I had to fight for those.”

The Detroit election officials assigned Haynes’ ballot a new ballot number according to Schnorak and ran Haynes’ ballot through, at counting table 89. “It should have been a spoiled ballot.” 

“They didn’t disqualify a single ballot” even though many ballots did not have voters who were on the list of legal voters published by the Secretary of State. “They did some funky monkey stuff.”

Detroit poll workers “circumvented” the process “in order to make ballots go through. This affected THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of ballots that were no good, and were counted, and could not be authenticated as legitimate voters.” Even though the tabulators were not supposed to accept ballots that were flawed, Schnorak saw illegal ballots that went through anyway and ended up in the final vote count from Wayne County.

If you follow the rules, there’s no cheating.” Schnorak described witnessing a ballot process in Royal Oak, Michigan, the previous day that had only 10 challenged ballots out of 25,755 counted.

He said that the fraud was systemic: “I kept seeing a voter birthdate of 1900. I could tell it wasn’t right. I tried to document it, but so many things were going on and I was flustered. I think they were just creating a record for those people in order to process their ballots. They had a systematic way of doing it, they were good at it. It was coordinated and it was organized.”

There was no way for challengers to see if the voter signatures matched, according to Schnorak. “They would not let us get anywhere near close enough to do that.” 

Schnorak also describes the culture of intimidation against GOP Poll Challengers at the TCF Center, and his statements match those from many others, suggesting there was an active campaign of voter intimidation and harassment of challengers in order to remove Republicans from the room using social pressure and power. 

“This woman followed me and harassed me for five hours,” Schnorak said. The rules were inconsistently enforced, where GOP Poll Challengers weren’t allowed to speak with Poll Workers, but those rules were not applied to Democrats. 

When explaining the difference between observing the election between Royal Oak and Detroit, he offered: “Detroit? It was just awful.”

WATCH THE INTERVIEW HERE: https://youtu.be/b8Mw0X2tSUg


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