BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: “USB Guy” Was Filmed Cheering After Inspecting Bogus Ballots Under Table in Georgia Election Day

During the ballot counting process in Atlanta numerous individuals were involved in various activities which appear very suspect, if not criminal.  The ‘USB Guy’ is one of the suspicious actors.  His actions we uncover tonight are shocking.

In Atlanta a false water main break was reported on Election Day.  Republicans poll observers were sent home early.  Ballots were then pulled out from under a table and tabulated sometimes two and three times over with no observers or Republicans present.  This whole scenario was discussed on Newsmax last week and aired at President Trump’s rally this past weekend:

One notable individual who was not present at the late night ballot from under the table tabulation was an individual known as ‘USB guy’.  This character gained this nickname when one of the late night ballot drop workers appeared to hand him a flash drive or USB:

This same ‘USB Guy’ was seen in a video where he appears to have destroyed a ballot while in the vote counting center:  believes they have identified the USB guy as Lawrence Sloan.

Now we have uncovered a video of the USB guy, on Election Day in the infamous room where the late night ballot drop occurred, lift up the black tablecloth when no one was looking, observe and review the ballots under the table, and the raise his arms into to the air as if cheering ‘Yes’.

This video indicates that a few insiders may have been aware of the ballots hidden in the ballot counting area under the table with the black tablecloth on it.  It also indicates that these individuals may have known these ballots should remain hidden for no doubt nefarious reasons and they looked at these ballots as a victory for them despite being most likely manufactured and illegitimate.

These people knew what they were doing – that’s why they hid it.

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