“Agent Ford, Whose Pocket Are You In?” Whistleblower to FBI and OIG After Being Harassed for Reporting on Truckload of Illegal Ballots

Hero Jesse Morgan was on Lou Dobbs on Thursday night and he described the harassment he and his family faced from the FBI and OIG for sharing his story about driving a truck load of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania before the 2020 election.

Jesse Morgan shared:

Yeah I tell you what, just being bluntly about it Lou, it was kind of a joke. The whole thing from the start to the end, I tried to tell my story and especially the OIG guy, this Special Agent Ford, they or he calls himself short, he at times really was reaming at me, just going at me, trying to mix up my words and speed balling to the next question, and I’m like whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Asking questions that weren’t relevant or asking questions that I wouldn’t even know.  The very last question he asked was how did I end up on TV and I’m just like, are you serious?

Jesse then mentioned that the next day, the FBI wasn’t looking into the crime scene or looking for evidence of crimes, they instead began harassing his family.  They accused Jesse of being paid by the Republican Party.  Of course Jesse said he hasn’t been paid by anyone and then he said this:

 Agent Ford who’s pocket are you in?  If you’re going to be investigating this, who’s pocket are you in?  So come on man.

We wrote about Mr. Morgan two days ago when he shared his story at the War Room with Steve Bannon:

USPS Contract Driver and Whistleblower Jesse Morgan Interrogated by FBI – Instead of Investigating Information they Started Harassing his Family (VIDEO)

And if you haven’t seen enough of what this man gave up to do the right thing, you need to see this:

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Our FBI is a joke.  It needs to be fixed now and every one of the crooks within the FBI need to be fired.

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