Did AG Barr Create Durham Special Counsel to Prevent President Trump from Releasing Information Related to Crossfire Hurricane?

Americans have had it up to their ears with corrupt Deep State players in Washington DC.

Today we found out that AG Bill Barr stated, while apparently blindfolded in Biden’s basement, that he sees no fraud in the 2020 election that would overturn the election.  He either is totally blind, totally incompetent or totally corrupt.  Although we weren’t convinced until today, we now are leaning towards the latter.  This comes at a pivotal time as more and more corruption in the election is being uncovered.

Then AG Barr said that he set up a Special Counsel to investigate the FBI and DOJ corruption related to their fraudulent and corrupt Crossfire Hurricane investigation.  This Special Counsel was set up in October to investigate the same thing virtually that Durham was supposed to be investigating for over a year.  To date there have been no (unless you count Clinesmith) indictments of consequence.  With enough information in the public arena to indict dozens, nothing has been done, so AG Barr announces that he is creating a Special Counsel to investigate further.

Some people believe this action was to protect Durham should Joe Biden get away with stealing the 2020 election.  This may be.  But another thesis suggests the motive something more sinister.

The last refuge on Twitter suggests that AG Barr might have set up the Durham Special Counsel to prevent President Trump from releasing classified information on those involved in Crossfire Hurricane:

The point is that the Durham Special Counsel will handcuff the President regardless of the election outcome:

AG Barr may not be the angel we all thought he was.  The swamp is nasty and deep.

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