“We Are Actually Very Close” – President Trump Discusses Ongoing Efforts to Turn Election Around with Dr. Maria Ryan and Giuliani (AUDIO)

President Trump on Sunday morning called into WABC radio show “Uncovering the Truth” with host Dr. Maria Ryan and Rudy Giuliani.

Trump discussed the ongoing efforts to get to the bottom of massive voter fraud that took place in key battleground states in Democrat run cities.

The President said the key to flipping the states back in his favor is to check the signatures and examine the voting machines.

Trump blasted the RINO Governor and RINO Secretary of State in Georgia for not allowing a full signature audit in Fulton County where most of the corruption and fraud took place.

Trump’s legal team however is still putting pressure on officials to order signature audits.

Rudy Giuliani said he is still working with state legislatures and asking them to send Trump’s electoral votes to Congress to be counted in January.

President Trump assured the American people that his campaign’s efforts are makings progress, “We are actually very close. The fake news will not tell you that..They are trying to suppress it. Lamestream media is doing the same thing they did with laptop from hell. We are getting close though!”



Listen to the full podcast with Dr. Maria Ryan Rudy Giuliani here:

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