WATCH: Liberal Lunatics Gather to Beat Effigy of President Donald Trump With a Baseball Bat in Hollywood

An unhinged liberal mob gathered on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to take turns beating an effigy of President Donald Trump that was tied to a street light.

The crowd laughed and cheered as a woman repeatedly bashed the scarecrow — as well-adjusted adults typically do.

The scene was strikingly similar to one in Philadelphia over the weekend, where looney liberals took turns attacking a pillow with Trump’s face on it.

Washington Times columnist Daniel Pipes tweeted,  “about a 1K people milled about #PhiladelphiaCityHall this afternoon, centered around a cone-shaped pillow-like item bearing Trump’s face.”

“People ritualistically kicked, slammed, and punched it to much applause,” Pipes continued. “It’s disturbing because symbolic violence leads to actual violence.”

Meanwhile, Biden has declared that the nation is healed and united — while also illegitimately claiming victory.


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