WATCH: Delaware GOP Candidate Lauren Witzke Confronts Sen. Chris Coons With Copy of Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell’

Republican senate candidate Lauren Witzke confronted Sen. Chris Coons with a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell on Monday.

Witzke has previously called on Coons to denounce Joe Biden after the Gateway Pundit’s report showing that the former Vice President, as well as his brother Jim Biden, wanted to cover for Hunter Biden, after he was accused of being sexually inappropriate with a underage relative.

On Monday, Witzke confronted Coons, while clutching a copy of the laptop, and asked if he will denounce Joe Biden and his corruption.

“Senator Coons, I brought you a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop — will you take it?” Witzke asked him. “Will you denounce Joe Biden and his corruption?”

A guard for the senator quickly began to block his GOP challenger and at one point appeared to assault her. However, Witzke continued her barrage of questions, repeatedly asking if he is also sold out to China and why he won’t debate her.

“You’re a coward, you always run! Why won’t you face me?” Witzke asked. She told the crowd that was gathered that Sen. Coons has outsourced Delaware jobs to China.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit about her effort to hand over the laptop, Witzke demanded that Coons fire the staffer that assaulted her.

“As usual, Senator Coons ran away with his tail between his legs from honest questions about his support of corrupt Joe Biden, who we know sold us out to the Communist Chinese. I’m also demanding he immediately fire his staffer who assaulted me on video, though I won’t hold my breath given that he’s excused the serial abuse unleashed upon women by the Biden family,” Witzke said.

The GOP candidate previously demanded that Coons drop his endorsement of Biden’s campaign.

“I am calling on Senator Coons to immediately denounce Joe Biden, and drop his endorsement of the Biden campaign,” Witzke previously told TGP. “Senator Coons has also been endorsed by Joe Biden. I am calling on him to distance himself from that endorsement, too.”

Witzke also noted Senator Coons’ hypocrisy.

“Chris Coons took part in the Women’s March rallies, even donning the infamous pink hat to show his supposed support for sexually abused and exploited women, and the #MeToo movement,” she said. “But now, when women and girls accused by the Biden’s need a voice more than ever, he is protecting them, just like he protected Joe Biden when the Vice President groped his daughter.”

“The numerous allegations of sexual abuse levied against the Biden family should be enough for Senator Coons, if he has a level of judgment becoming of a U.S. Senator or cares about survivors of sex crimes, to immediately condemn the Biden family, instead of covering for them in the name of partisan politics,” she finished.


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