Update: Newsom Dinner at The French Laundry Cost $15,000 with 22 People in Attendance – Some of Them Now Privately Laughing at Controversy

The San Francisco Chronicle recently reported that Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom and his wife attended a birthday party with ‘at least a dozen people’ from several different households for his advisor Jason Kinney.

Newsom attended a dinner party at The French Laundry, a restaurant in Napa Valley that charges $800 per person for their tasting menu while he tells Californians they can’t gather with their families for Thanksgiving.

Photos of Newsom’s swanky dinner party was leaked to Fox LA.

No one at the dinner party was social distancing and nobody was wearing masks.

Last Wednesday it was revealed that California Medical Association officials were among the maskless guests who joined Newsom at The French Laundry.

And now they’re laughing at the peasants for being outraged.

According to reporter Adam Housley, there was 22 people in attendance with Newsom, not 12 as previously claimed.

The dinner cost about $15,000 and some of those who attended the dinner are now privately laughing at the controversy.

“Because Yountville is my hometown..and where the French Laundry is located…I thought I’d do some digging. Facts about the Newsom dinner. The bar bill was around 15-thousand. 22 people in attendance, not 12. No masks. All indoors. They got so loud, other patrons complained,” Housley said.

“There was “zero effort” to go outside and there was no social distancing of any type. I’m also told some of those there are now privately laughing at the controversy. Remember this is my little hometown. The walls speak,” he added.

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